Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 7

word count 4829

Last night I was at the Dramatist Guild event for playwrights currently in programs at Marsha norman's house. I'm a little hungover and a lot tired. So the word count sucked today. so tired. a little hungover. here is a paragraph. you may notice a theme.

You might judge me because I don’t have health insurance even though I’ve been working at the same place for three years but I just can’t afford it. Not if I want to pay rent and eat and drink alcohol on a semi regular basis. And perhaps it’s because my job sucks that I get stressed out and need to have a few drinks and then I need the job to pay for the drinks and then I go to work hungover which makes the job worse and makes me hate it more and then I have to go get a couple of drinks that night to forget about how bad the job was that day. So the job is really the reason I can’t afford health insurance. That and the high cost of living in New York.

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