Thursday, December 28, 2006

same day

I did some more writing 13579 words.

here are some of them:

“Yeah I’m sure. Let me up. I’m going to sing some more.” I got up and the room burst into applause. Anthony started the beat for Clowns Undercover and the others joined in. When it got to the part I was supposed to sing I was right there. No white lights came up. I didn’t collapse. I just sang it as loud as I could.


You know it! You saw it! The space in the basement
They hide in the cupboard. They hide in the floor.
You know it! Confront it! The place where the face went.
They’re in there! They’re out there! Board up the door!!!

Cause once they come in here there’s no way to stop them.
They don’t listen to reason, don’t listen to rhyme.
They are knocking you over. They are pushing you under.
This time they will get you. They’ll get you this time

holiday, i get nothing done

word count: 12833

first paragraph of the day:

The Red Light looks like a demented Chucky Cheese bathed in red light. Formerly operational robot animals holding musical instruments lurk in the center, in the corners, in the bathrooms, behind the bar, all of them looking at you with red glowing eyes. Jake was playing pinball when I arrived but before I could say hi, people I barely knew were surrounding me, buying me drinks, asking me questions. I had a headache, but started drinking anyway.

Friday, December 22, 2006

another day

word count 12104


I turned on my dusty computer and I wrote out a “Manifesto For a Clean Apartment” which included phrases such as, “Don’t leave your shit out. I will throw it away,” and “Throw out your fast food wrappers or I will put them in your bed.” And “If this place ever gets in such a stage again, I will go apeshit. You don’t know me. You don’t know how psycho I can be.”

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day whatever

This is slow going now. Lots of other things demanding my attention but also when i can sit down and work on ths thing, it's moving slowly and not flying from my fingers as I wished it were.

Word count: 11740

1st paragraph of the day:

Then I looked at the fucking mess my roommates had made of our living room and I got pissed. I put on a Sad Fingers cd—the only one they ever made—and I started cleaning up. The floor was littered with beer cans, fast food wrappers, socks, a shirt or two, a pair of boxers. I got a big garbage bag and filled it with the contents of the floor. When it was full, I filled another one. I started to sing where the lyrics were supposed to be.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Day 19

word count: 11002

first paragraph today:

Chapter 3

When I woke, it was dark out as it is apt to be in early evening at the beginning of winter. Every time I wake up, I hope for a little bit of snow like some kind of kid who gets out of school or something. Or work. I guess I was out of work for good. Somehow this didn’t unsettle me as it did a few hours ago. Nor did my bald head upset me when I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Day 18

Ok, so i missed a lot of writing last week but I finally got up into 5 digits: Word count 10236.

Here is the first day's paragraph:

It had been a long time since I’d had such a great date. Was that considered a date? There was food. It ended in kissing. No, I hadn’t actually called her up, nor had it been planned out ahead of time but the food had been my idea and it had gone well. Who cares if it was a date or not? She was beautiful and fun and we had had a great time and that’s what was really important, right? Her skin was so soft. Should I call her today? Tomorrow? I was pretty sure I was going to fuck this up. Yeah right now I was pretty high from taking the stage, from the conversation, the kissing, the sleeping in her bed but I could feel my inner fuck-up getting ready to ruin everything. Also it hit me right about then that I had quit my job in the most egregious way. What was I going to do? I couldn’t even call up for a reference with a departure like that. I had thrown Albert’s desk down shaved my head sang in public and then slept in Ariana’s bed? How had this happened? I was tired, had a headache. I felt like I was hungover but knew I wasn’t. It just felt that way because of the waves of embarrassment that came over me when I remembered specific details from the previous day. Before I left Albert’s office had I said “By the way, you’re overweight”? I sang the whole night. How could I have sung the whole night? I can’t sing, can I? I’m sure I can’t. I remembered my voice cracking and I had the vague sense the entire audience had been laughing about it as if to say, who does he think he is? Who did I think I was? Ariana probably thought I was an idiot and just couldn’t get away from me because I was clinging to her. I should just forget the whole night had ever happened. I should just go home and try to figure out how to get a job and make up something to say when they ask at interviews why did you leave your previous job?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

day 17

Ok so i haven't worked on the novel for like 5 or 6 days but i have been working on the play and I've also been getting home late and not getting enough sleep. it's been hard. but today i got up. word count: 9729

First paragraph of the day:

Then we left the diner and walked and walked. At one point I took her hand and she took mine and the rest of the way we walked with our hands pressed into one another. I wasn’t thinking about anything and we weren’t talking at all. We just looked at our breath mingling under the streetlamps. Then she stopped at a crosswalk and looked me hard in the eyes and then we were kissing. I’ve never had a kiss like that before or since. It was direct, all consuming, completely unfettered and free and lovely and minty and pure. And then it was over and we were walking again and my mind was not racing but my blood was surging through me and it was laced with something foreign and good.