Thursday, December 28, 2006

same day

I did some more writing 13579 words.

here are some of them:

“Yeah I’m sure. Let me up. I’m going to sing some more.” I got up and the room burst into applause. Anthony started the beat for Clowns Undercover and the others joined in. When it got to the part I was supposed to sing I was right there. No white lights came up. I didn’t collapse. I just sang it as loud as I could.


You know it! You saw it! The space in the basement
They hide in the cupboard. They hide in the floor.
You know it! Confront it! The place where the face went.
They’re in there! They’re out there! Board up the door!!!

Cause once they come in here there’s no way to stop them.
They don’t listen to reason, don’t listen to rhyme.
They are knocking you over. They are pushing you under.
This time they will get you. They’ll get you this time

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