Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I start rehearsal today for incendairy

I know the novel writing has slowed down but i couldn't keep booking at the rate i was going. Also I ran into a part where i wasn't sure what was supposed to happen next and I was having other problems related to having never written a novel before and not knowing what i was doing. what better way to learn than to do it though? and then read a lot of novels.

I have to figure out a better time to get up. 5:00 is not realisticc to sustain for the whole week and 6 doesn't give me enough time to write. although I may be coming home from rehearsla late so who knows if I can even get up before 6:30 this week and still write. Or maybe i should take some time off.

Although there is a play claling to me so maybe I should take time away and write the play. or perhaps I should try to do both like i was doing before.

So you see.

I did write a paragraph today. Not my best but it exists. word count 14951.

I walked to Jake’s apartment. It was cold and clear and quiet. I could see my breath in the streetlamps but no one on the street. Something like that is supposed to be unsettling in a city but I’m from a small town so quiet to me is calming. I was in a pretty good mood when I got to Jake’s.

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