Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's been a long time since I've posted here. I've written for TV, and a bunch of plays but now and then I work on the novel. I'm nearing 28000 words now. Here is the first paragraph of the day:

Somehow, he became hers, wanted only her. Somehow she was able to keep his attention, but she was constantly afraid it wouldn’t last. Another thing about Ariana—Her worst fear was that she would never be enough. She longed for something like him, pure and true and good but she thought every second he was about to slip away. He was her path to something bigger than herself, whatever that was. Transcendence. But she knew any moment he would see her for what she wasn’t, and then it would be all over. This gnawed at her night and day. She tried to hide it the best she could, and was mostly successful. Hiding her insecurity was one of Ariana’s god-given talents and she had honed it in her early twenties. Now it was nearly undetectable to all but the most expert observers of human emotion. Marjory was such a person. Ariana found herself as the weeks passed confiding in Marjory more than she was comfortable with. And when Ryan went mad in some sort of withdrawal state of mass panic and threatened her with a knife, Ariana could take it no more and broke down. Marjory carefully ushered her to Danny O’s after Ryan unceremoniously ran away.

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