Friday, June 22, 2012

this summer

I told myself I would have a draft of this novel this summer.  Wish me luck.  Word count is around 36812.

First paragraph of the day: 

Cindy’s relationship to you had changed since you started hanging out with Ryan.  Your change in appearance had something to do with it for sure.  Humans are nothing if not shallow.  Also something shifted the first time she saw you with the band.  You never saw her at that first show—that show you only knew about because of her—only went to save her.  And when she saw you in the mirrored halls of Escape with Ryan, with Marjory, with Ariana months later, there was a seismic shift at work.  It helped that you had stopped preaching to the deaf ears at work.  Your effort to fit in with Ryan’s group had carried over into your work life.  People stopped repeating everything you said.  There was even a twitter feed for a while, you think.  But now, the soulless khaki wearing lunkheads had moved on to harass the new temps and had forgotten about you. 

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