Monday, November 20, 2006

Day 12

Ok, so the day number is only the 12th day of writing. Not in any way the 12th day in a row of writing. BEcaus eI have other things to do. word count 6997.

first paragraph of the day:

I was on my way to the address Phil had given me over the phone in a soft-spoken stumbling way. The problem was I was in a residential part of Brooklyn. It couldn’t be right. I couldn’t see a pharmacy anywhere. I stood in front of the house that bore the address Phil had given me. Was he a pharmacist out of his house? It had taken me an hour by train and another twenty minutes of walking so I figured I better ring the bell. But I almost didn’t. I almost turned and walked the twenty minutes back to the train. I almost threw the address away, almost purged the whole conversation from my mind along with the embarrassing fact that I had fallen for some sort of bait and switch involving a supposed pharmacist and a long train ride. I would just have gone home and never spoken of it again. My hair would grow and I would forget. And I would probably never again see the disheveled hipster who had given me the number or if I did, I would pretend not to know who he was and part of me wouldn’t know.

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