Friday, November 03, 2006

day 3

Ach, so I didn't get up til 6 today. but I managed to get some words in. not sure how many but my 3 day total hovers just under 2000. (1999 to be precise but maybe I'll go add a word now.)

Here's a paragraph. as always, it's a first draft.

You could now just as easily make the case that I’ve been an adult for a while and that I could have gone to the allergist on my own and you’d be right except that it’s not hard to find an excuse to not do something, especially when that something is going to the doctor, especially when you’re afraid of doctors. I wish there was a specific story to explain why I avoid doctors but it’s more of a feeling. The antiseptic room, the silver instruments, tongue depressers in jars. I’m a person who doesn’t like to be prodded, poked or stabbed. Oh, there is that. I sometimes faint when the nurse tries to take my blood. Or vomit. Sometimes I don’t faint and I vomit instead. Either way It’s unpleasant for me and the nurse. Last time I vomited all over the nurse, and let me tell you I enjoyed it a lot more than fainting but it’s not something I’m looking forward to doing again anytime soon. Which is not to say that hives feel much better, but I guess it’s easier to do nothing than subject yourself to weekly allergist appointments involving scratching and prodding and probably blood taking which would only make my life better—of course it would do that.

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