Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day two

here is the first paragraph of the day. word count 839 new words today.

My job, though. I can’t tell you what my life was without mentioning my job. In Queens in a neighborhood full of large warehouses made of faded brick, all the buildings seem to lean one way, and then you turn the corner and they lean the other way. You approach a particularly faded particularly leaning building and step inside. Imagine a fluorescently lit room segmented into of rows and rows of small white cubicles. Now, however many fluorescent bulbs you first imagined, double that. Then double it again. Yeah, yeah, that’s about right. It is always very bright and always very depressing. The company is called Fluorescence™. The light scheme is part of the concept which is misleadingly much more interesting than the function of the company which is to sell wholesale fluorescent bulbs to distributors. Fluorescence™ is one stop in a series of middle men and perhaps they shine the light a little brighter in all the offices and the warehouse so that the company is not completely forgotten. Sort of like when the middle child is the loudest and has to put on the funny glasses and the wig just to not be ignored. Fluorescence is like the middle child who won’t stop with the glasses and the wig but goes for the clown nose and white makeup and the big clown shoes. And yet it’s still not funny. Working in a place that’s constantly trying too hard is not the best job to get right out of college, nor is it the best place to stay working three years out. Especially when you’re not really sure what you’re doing. The jobs are predominately filled by young overstressed people unsure of what they are doing with their lives. In addition, the company is populated with a certain kind of cheery desperate person constantly trying to prove herself so she can someday move up to one of the few darkened offices away from the glare and near a window where sunlight might sometimes reach

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