Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 5

I didn't write yesterday. word count total is 3502.

here is first paragraph

Her dancing became more frantic in a way that killed me. Maybe she was dating Anthony or Marjory who liked to say she was “flexible.” Or worse, maybe she was dating Jake. I could just ask her, I thought. When the song was over I could just go over and be like hey, I’ve never seen you at the other concerts or do I know you? “Do I know you?” might work. Or I could say something like “Nice dance moves.” That’s weak. “You look good on the dance floor.” “How do you know this song?” “I like what you were doing with your feet during Anthony’s xylophone solo.” Or just ask her if I can buy her a drink. I should just, yeah. That’s the best, just asking to buy her a drink. “May I buy you a drink,” I would say. Or maybe that’s too formal. “Can I buy you a drink?” Or, “I’d like to buy you a drink.” “ I can’t help but notice you’re not drinking. My grandfather was an alcoholic.” No. No. Definitely not. “Do you drink and if so can I buy you one? A drink that is?” Would she even be able to hear me over the song? She was enjoying the music so much. And so was I. I didn’t want to make it seem like I wasn’t enjoying it by disrupting it. But maybe she’s here alone and would love to talk to someone though. I could ask her if she wants to meet the band afterwards and then if she was dating one of them that would be the time for her to say it.

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