Wednesday, November 08, 2006

day 6

Here is the beginning of what I wrote today. word count is 4373

“You’ve been here a couple years now”

“Three years.”

Albert had the talent of talking to you without seeming to hear you. He didn't acknowledge my contribution nor did he pause. “How’s everything going? Having any problems at all you want to talk about?”

I looked at his gigantic hands spread out over his desk. “No. Thanks. Everything’s going fine. How are you?”

“Because Tosh tells me he asked you for an order yesterday and is still waiting for it.”

The order! I knew I had forgotten something. “Honestly, sir, I completely forgot about that. The phone rang and I was just about to get it for him but there was a customer who needed my attention and then when I got off the phone, Tosh was gone and I realize I should have made a note so I would have remembered to give it to him but it slipped my mind completely. It’ll never happen again.”

“You know Tosh is an important member of our team.”

“I know that.”

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