Saturday, November 11, 2006

Day 8

I didn't write yesterday. i was toooo tired. For a while I've been trying to figure out how to make a show out of some of the 30 or so short plays i've written. i think I finally figured out the right combination and the order they should go in. So I polished that up today and then I went to wrok on the novel. Word count 5394. Here is a paragraph.

If you need anything in this city, an apartment, a job, a date, the best thing to do is talk to everyone you know, or in my case, complain to everyone you happen to see until someone offers a solution or gives you a phone number to call. But I was in no mood to call people up and in no mood to go out and complain about how I couldn’t afford health insurance. No one could. I would get no sympathy. And if they could afford health insurance, it’s not like there was a secret someone could impart. You pay the company and then when you go to the doctor, it doesn’t cost as much. I guess I just had to figure out how to start paying for health insurance. That or risk losing my job. But I hated that job anyway. Maybe I should just look for employment elsewhere, not that that is any easier than finding an apartment for example. It was a headache and I hate headaches. If my school loans weren’t so high none of this would be a problem.

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