Monday, December 11, 2006

Day 18

Ok, so i missed a lot of writing last week but I finally got up into 5 digits: Word count 10236.

Here is the first day's paragraph:

It had been a long time since I’d had such a great date. Was that considered a date? There was food. It ended in kissing. No, I hadn’t actually called her up, nor had it been planned out ahead of time but the food had been my idea and it had gone well. Who cares if it was a date or not? She was beautiful and fun and we had had a great time and that’s what was really important, right? Her skin was so soft. Should I call her today? Tomorrow? I was pretty sure I was going to fuck this up. Yeah right now I was pretty high from taking the stage, from the conversation, the kissing, the sleeping in her bed but I could feel my inner fuck-up getting ready to ruin everything. Also it hit me right about then that I had quit my job in the most egregious way. What was I going to do? I couldn’t even call up for a reference with a departure like that. I had thrown Albert’s desk down shaved my head sang in public and then slept in Ariana’s bed? How had this happened? I was tired, had a headache. I felt like I was hungover but knew I wasn’t. It just felt that way because of the waves of embarrassment that came over me when I remembered specific details from the previous day. Before I left Albert’s office had I said “By the way, you’re overweight”? I sang the whole night. How could I have sung the whole night? I can’t sing, can I? I’m sure I can’t. I remembered my voice cracking and I had the vague sense the entire audience had been laughing about it as if to say, who does he think he is? Who did I think I was? Ariana probably thought I was an idiot and just couldn’t get away from me because I was clinging to her. I should just forget the whole night had ever happened. I should just go home and try to figure out how to get a job and make up something to say when they ask at interviews why did you leave your previous job?

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