Wednesday, December 06, 2006

day 17

Ok so i haven't worked on the novel for like 5 or 6 days but i have been working on the play and I've also been getting home late and not getting enough sleep. it's been hard. but today i got up. word count: 9729

First paragraph of the day:

Then we left the diner and walked and walked. At one point I took her hand and she took mine and the rest of the way we walked with our hands pressed into one another. I wasn’t thinking about anything and we weren’t talking at all. We just looked at our breath mingling under the streetlamps. Then she stopped at a crosswalk and looked me hard in the eyes and then we were kissing. I’ve never had a kiss like that before or since. It was direct, all consuming, completely unfettered and free and lovely and minty and pure. And then it was over and we were walking again and my mind was not racing but my blood was surging through me and it was laced with something foreign and good.

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