Wednesday, November 15, 2006

day 10

So I worked on a play yesterday instead of this and then i had to work late last night for an event and didn't get in until midnight and even thought I don't have to get to work on time, my word count is low today. total is 6122.

first paragraph of the day:

And so on. At this point I was feeling pretty bad about my appearance and about myself in general and all dreams of becoming a hair stylist went out the window. I went into the bathroom and splashed water on my face. I looked in the cracked mirror. Yeah, I had to admit, the hair was uneven, too short, at odd angles. I put water in my hair but that didn’t seem to help. It made it worse. Maybe I could go outside and buy one of those I heart NY hats or a trucker hat at one of those ridiculous headshops on St. Marks.

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