Wednesday, November 29, 2006

day 16

finally got the chance to write some today. word count 9114. Here is the last paragraph of the day:

At the all night diner, she ordered French toast, I suspect as an excuse to ingest as much syrup as possible. I had two or three grilled cheese sandwiches and a mountain of fries. All that jumping and shouting had taken a lot out of me. We ate and we looked at one another across the booth and we talked. We talked about books we’d read, bands we’d heard. We talked about our parents and their faults and things they had said and done and the things that went unsaid and the mystery of their lives before we came along. We talked about love and disappointment first crushes and long arguments we’d had late at night that led to break ups some of which led to off again on again relationships which took years to finally end when someone finally realized it was a bad idea and then had the nerve to tell the other person. We talked about winter and snow, about band aids, Kleenex, rollerblades. She told me German words that don’t translate into English. I told her about sledding as a child and hitting a tree, breaking my arm in two places. She told me about her childhood imaginary friend Phillis and how she swears she can almost hear Phillis whispering sometimes and imagines one day if she turns around fast enough she might see Phillis again. I told her about how I lost my job and how it felt to tip over my boss’s desk.


P'tit Boo said...

oh wow. it really is super hard to get 50000 words , right ?
wow, i can't imagine.

Kristen said...
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Adam said...

Well, boo I wasn't really trying to do 50000 in one month. i'm just trying to write a novel, hopefully a good one. But yeah, it's a lot harder than I thought it would be.